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Eyelid Surgery Q & A

What Is Cosmetic Eye Surgery?

Cosmetic eye surgery can include any of a number of surgical procedures used to improve the appearance of your eyes. Many times, the surgery is done on the eyelids and surrounding tissues, mainly to reduce signs of aging. As skin ages, it will lose its elasticity. This lack of elasticity, combined with the constant pull of gravity, will cause the excessive skin to collect on the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can remove this excess skin and reduce bagginess from the lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can correct problems that are caused by heredity issues and other factors. The improvement from eyelid surgery can generally last as long as 10 years. Eyelid surgery is performed to provide a more youthful appearance as well as correct vision issues caused by drooping eyelids impeding a patient’s line of sight.

Why Is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Excess skin and fat can create a heavy-looking eyelid, aged appearance, puffiness, and sometimes block the upper field of vision. Eyelid surgery is done to remove the excess skin and fat contributing to these conditions and improve the field of vision. Sometimes, tightening the eyelid is needed to correct sagging, while laser skin resurfacing can be used to improve wrinkles and skin texture. When it’s performed for cosmetic reasons, eyelid surgery is sometimes done along with other aesthetic procedures. For instance, filler injections, forehead lifts or laser resurfacing might be done at or around the same time for a more comprehensive facial makeover.

How Long Is the Recovery Time for Eyelid Surgery?

Downtime from eyelid surgery is usually minimal. Bruising and swelling are apparent the day after surgery, but will quickly begin to disappear. During the first 48 hours, the use of cool compresses can help a great deal to reduce the bruising and swelling around the eyes and face. Light activity such as walking will also help speed healing.


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